Caretello B

dark bay
168 cm
stud fee:

Special 2018: - 30 years Caretello B – Stud fee: frozen € 500 only when in foal!
(Max 3 doses)

Semen Order...

German Sporthorse, Oldenburg, Westphalia, Holstein, Italy, Austria and Switzerland

Caretello B - A living legend

Phenomenal sport horse and sire

A greatness that is truly beyond doubt

Thirty years of Caretello B – our living legend! Caretello B is an impressive stallion, top producer and glowing winner. We delight in his presence every day. As far as we are concerned, Caretello B has already written history: he’s a great sport horse who has conquered the show jumping courses around the globe. And he’s an outstanding sire, with many highly successful offspring at home and abroad. There are 61 offspring registered in Germany that are successful in the S (difficult) class of show jumping. Lifetime earnings of his progeny in Germany alone come to more than EUR 1.2 million. His life achievements could fill the pages of a whole book.
When he was actively competing (winner up to S class), he was called the Star of the South, and a true star he is! This may be an unusual profile for a stallion, but everything that can be said about his success as a sport horse, producer, and his great pedigree, has been said before and is well known. He deserves a special commendation, and a big “thank you” for his strength, his life achievements and his wonderful character. Thank you, Caretello!

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