Dear Breeders,

Another eventful year has come to a close. In 2016 we took another leap forward and we feel that we are headed on the right track. Many breeders, clients and friends have given us their trust last year and continue to do so. This gives us great joy and confidence in our work.

Together with our dedicated team we apply all of our experience and skill and are working hard to take our business forward – be it in breeding, training, sales or competitions. Horse breeding is experiencing a noticeable upward trend. The demand for good and well-trained sport horses is growing. What better time than now to sow the seeds for the future. Indeed, we believe that with a view to 2017 we have done so already! With the quality of our stallions, the select choice of horses for sale and our attractive range of services, we continue a tradition that aims to create an impact and allows us to look ahead. We are looking forward to 2017 and are certain that this year too the horses will provide us with many memorable, challenging and exciting moments.

All the best to you from the Bachl family!